About JR MMA

JRMMA was born to introduce quality Martial Arts programs to those interested in martial arts to help keep fit and learn new life skills. We welcome all beginners, novices and professionals into our family. 

JRMMA Singapore

1) To use the love and passion of our trainers and bestow their greatest knowledge of martial arts into our clients and family.

2) To help our students keep fit and grow healthy through thorough exercise and drills.

3) To impart discipline and sense of well being in our students.

4) To provide affordable self-defense and martial arts classes for everyone in Singapore
Our professional trainers teach martial arts because of their love for it. Each trainer has their own unique training style and personality. They are all friendly and approachable. Feel free to ask them any questions pertaining to our classes!
To reach out to everyone and provide them with the best Martial Arts experience all across Singapore!

Aiden Richards

Director / Instructor
Aiden Richards

Our Instructors

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Fight School has specialized in martial arts since 1986 and has one of the most innovative programs in the nation.

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