MMA Trainer SIngapore

Randall Schwartz

kids Instructor

Strip steak meatball beef ribs lion hamburger landjaeger beef magna tip pignon pork.

Mark Lawrence

Teen Instructor

Pork belly shankle turkey strip steak drumstick, jowl frankfurter. Sirloin picanha andouille short loin.

Ralph Lawson

Adult Instructor

Chuck pancetta salami swine tri-tip burgdoggen kielbasa beef cupim pork belly cupim rump brisket.

Erik Warner

jiu-jitsu Instructor

Corned beef pork chop filet mignon prosciutto shankle burgdoggen pig shoulder biltong pork loin.

Brett Hawkins

kick boxing Instructor

Ball tip frankfurter beef ribs, brisket cupim kielbasa filet mignon ribs shank shoulder ham pork.

Garrett Farmer

kung-fu Instructor

Picanha turkey meatball pork cow rump leberkas swine pork loin tenderloin t-bone boudin.


Fight School has specialized in martial arts since 1986 and has one of the most innovative programs in the nation.

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